Words are so powerful!
Thoughts create things!
What I focus on becomes my experience!


I don’t know what it was about 2019 that asks me to look back and say something about it before heading into 2020.
And yet, there is no denying for me how extracting the year has been … like olives in a press, extracting the oil of elixir that is produced by the crushing, grinding and straining of a very fine substance that gets infused and incorporated into every aspect of my life. I have been extracted! Yes … I can feel that.
I digress …

I listened to a talk by Abraham Hicks the other morning over my glass of celery juice while propping my cell phone in my lap to gaze at the screen while listening. Abraham was inviting me to rewrite my story and express myself in a manner that invites wonder, opportunity, healing and life!
That hit me hard and spoke volumes to me. Have I been telling a story? What story am I telling?
Maybe the words have not been spoken in detail however, the story has been running it’s course through my being even though it is not always spoken. It’s been keeping beat with my heart, inhales and exhales with my breath, and manages my emotions even when I don’t realize it. Bits and pieces of my story have been laced in all of my writings and my video’s and perhaps they will continue and yet, I’m feeling a new way of being rising up. Perhaps I will marry the two together but then again … I may be getting ahead of myself.
Is the year 2019 the year to leave the story behind and rewrite a new story beginning in 2020? Or perhaps I’ll release all stories and celebrate just living in the moment. I often say that living in the moment is my practice. Isn’t that too another story I’ve been telling? Is it still serving me or is it time to let it go?

I always have a choice about what to believe in, what to say, what story to tell or how I want to live my life.
And for each of those opportunities to chose, sometimes it just isn’t that cut and dry. Just because I have a choice does not always mean that I am in an emotional place to select and put into action. Willing myself to do something before its time has turned out to be impossible for me. As a matter of fact, it proves to initiate even more stress and that never supports me no matter how good an idea something is. I have to honor that, even if it does not make any sense to me.

I can feel that 2020 is imparting something new, refreshing, transformative, healing and nurturing for me.
It’s not that all of my previous years never asked me to step into a new way of being, but the upcoming year never teased me like 2020 is. I feel it calling to me … in a playful seductive way, as if to seduce me into a wide, open space full of possibilities and new opportunities. I can’t fully explain it, but I feel it and I’m not sure I have ever experienced such a sensation about an upcoming year before.

Perhaps its time to let the pain rest.
Pain has been my constant companion for the last 10 years in some form or another. It has been my most valuable teacher.
As one who used to consider herself so positive, bubbly and optimistic, I took a trip down the rabbit hole that demanded me to look within at all of my shadow spaces … those ugly corners where stuff had been shoved, told to sit down and be quiet!
I’ve said this before; I did not schedule this time in my life. It scheduled me. Like it or not, I was in it to win it and if you would have told me it will take 10 years to reach a space of acceptance, love, forgiveness, gratitude and an overall feeling of wholeness, I may not be at this place and space in my life today. For me, ignorance is bliss because only then, could I focus on the breath, take another step and trust. I didn’t have a goal in sight. I only had faith and trust that was fueled by gratitude. God help me!

So, here’s looking ahead to 2020! I took some notes while listening to Abraham and I’d like to share them with you; slightly paraphrased but for the most part, word for word as spoken by Abraham. Perhaps there’s something here for you as you walk into 2020.
And so without further ado …

“* Things are beginning to come to me easier and easier.
* Good ideas flow to me constantly.
* I always have a good time.
* There is cooperation around me all of the time.
* I love knowing that there’s no injustice.
* I love knowing that everyone is getting exactly what they are offering vibrationally.
* I love being the clear example that I am.
* I love knowing that I can keep telling a new story … a better and better story.
* I love knowing that everything I get is because of the story I tell.
* I love knowing I can tell a new story.
* I love knowing the cooperation of the universe.
* I love knowing I’ll get from everybody what I am focused upon.
* I love knowing that I’ll figure it out as I go.
* I believe in the well being of all things.
* I believe in the rhythm of the planet.
* I want whats in my vortex to come to me when I’m ready for it to come.”

Words are so powerful!
Thoughts create things!
What I focus on becomes my experience!

And while I have accepted all of this previously, I was not ready to let go of the story until I extracted everything from it that supported and fueled my experience. I could have judged all of it and told myself that I was doing something wrong to create the pain that I was experiencing but I chose to accept that it was all beneficial for my experience and it all supported me and it was all nourishment for me on my odyssey.
I have fallen in love with my pain and not in a way that I wish for it to stick around but rather as an enlightened, patient and very loving teacher. Pain always has my best interest at heart and pain always leaves me the most precious gifts that I cherish deeply. They are the gifts that I hold closest to my heart ❤️

So, here’s to 2020! Just saying it and writing it out has a cadence and rhythm to it that feels easy, smooth as silk and delicious on the tongue.
I have no expectations about what is to come. I am however, ready to release any of my previous stories that kept me in a space of deep reflection and contemplation. Those were delicious places to extract my innate wisdom, guidance and healing and now, I’m ready to really start living my life in the light.
I would ask you to join me and perhaps you will, but more importantly, I want to honor where ever you are on your odyssey and to assure you that no matter where you are, you are headed in the right direction.
All of your experience is fuel and nourishment and all of it is asking for love and understanding. When its tough or there’s pain, those are simply invitations to look closer and bathe in the love and understanding that is asking for your time and attention. Have you noticed how the Universe/God has been sending you support and validation to nourish you along the way? If not, I invite you to slow down, notice and bask in gratitude. You’d be surprised how well gratitude can sustain you while you simmer.

“I love knowing” will be my new mantra. Perhaps it will now be the under current that supports my breath and my way of being.
In the mean time, I will start dancing in the light and rejoicing in being in the story in this now moment.

All my love ~ Noël ❤️

P.S., Here’s the link to the Abraham Hicks video that inspired me. Enjoy!

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