What exactly is, “More”?  The English dictionary states, “Greater or additional quantity, amount, etc.”

A dictionary description is just that‚ a description.

To me, “More” represents a feeling of satisfaction or perhaps the comfort of acquiring something that brings peace, joy, satisfaction and fulfillment.

Shannon is a very successful author and speaker. Her last book hit the “Top Seller” list and now she is in high demand for book signings and speaking engagements. She felt blessed and honored to have shot to stardom and feels she has an obligation to meet and satisfy those who have supported her success. She travels weeks and weeks at a time sharing her positive energy and her inspiration for her creations. She’s flattered that so many people have responded to her gifts and are seeking to receive just a piece of her light hoping to glean something of value and significance for themselves.

It was wild and wonderful at first since it took her so many years to finally arrive that this place of glory. The money is good, the traveling is glamorous and her admirers have boosted her self-confidence and her value and now she can finally afford the lifestyle that she only dreamed about.

The truth is, now her life is completely out of balance. Sure she can finally afford all that life has to offer, all of the material and monetary luxuries that she only dreamed about in the past, but there’s no time left at the end of the day to really enjoy and appreciate them. She has stretched herself so thin that she’s having a very difficult time enjoying her success.

Clara is a mom of two boys with a very loving and committed, working husband. They just bought their first house and have decided that having Clara stay home with the boys is very important. They realize that it is a sacrifice to have Clara stay home, but the rewards of being there for their two boys as they grow up is worth the sacrifice. Money is tight. Clara sometimes has to select what bill she can afford to pay when the check comes in because there just isn’t enough to settle all of the bills. It’s stressful, but she won’t compromise her commitment to her children to be there for them. Sometimes Clara just wishes that she could have the money rolling in without a care in the world so that she could take a breath.

Both of these women are seeking something more. They’ve both committed to their passion, Shannon to her writing and Clara to her family and they are both feeling like something is lacking in their lives. I wonder if Shannon just wishes she could stay home and enjoy the sacredness of her home space and I wonder if Clara just wishes she could escape and create a financial cushion.

Neither are wrong and neither are right. They are in a space in their lives where they’re seeking some kind of peace to the decision they’ve made for themselves. They want to enjoy where they are at and yet there’s a price for the decisions they’ve made.

Welcome to life! We can have “More”, but what are we willing to give up to have it? I believe that we do not have to give up anything. It’s just a matter of identifying what really matters, releasing that which does not serve us and finding peace within ourselves to really live our passion. Is that what you desire for yourself? Do you desire freedom, peace, joy, abundance?

Having a Life Coach offers an avenue to help you explore all the possibilities to freedom and peace. After all, in the end, it’s peace that we seek. It’s the ultimate destination. We may think that we have to work for it but what if we didn’t? What if peace is sitting right there where ever you’re at just waiting for you to embrace it, acknowledge it and accept it? It’s there; let me support you in embracing it.

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