At around 4:30 am I awoke and almost immediately, a conversation was replaying in my mind from a text conversation I had with a friend a couple hours before I escaped between the sheets.
Isn’t it interesting how the mind takes off in thought upon awakening, and sometimes it’s a booger to reel it back in so that you can easily fall back to sleep?
My mind wasn’t going to have it. The replay was in full force and there was no shutting it off.

I wanted to send her a text message and ask her to share with me her creative take on my words. I realized that our previous conversation seemed to be unfinished and I was curious and interested in her creative mind; how it works and how it transfers to an image that represents what I wrote.

Even as I write these words, I can feel an inner rushing of waters that stirs my soul as I recall the image she created and the creative inspiration behind it.
After some contemplation and searching, I discovered that the reason I love her work is because it’s expressive, it’s relatable and it evokes the simplicity of a child. It’s innocent and raw and … I get it. All distraction is removed and what remains is the wonder of a child expressing themselves through simple line and color.
When I gaze upon her work, I get the sense that there is more than what the eye identifies with. I study the image and I can feel something. And then I think that it looks unfinished in some way and I find that in my idea of being unfinished, the door is wide open for interpretation, reflection and the invitation to release my ideas of the way I think things should be.
Her work is so brilliant to me.
I have always been drawn to an artist that creates an image that mimics the way I see things.
With this artists work, it’s just off enough to question it. Oh the possibilities!

There Lies the sacred beauty with art. For the one who gazes upon the image, the viewer receives something. It’s easy for me to understand receiving something by reading words, because that is the most soul satisfying way for me to express myself, but what kind of message comes through on the canvas?
Is it the color?
Is it the line?
Is it the shapes and shadows?
Is it the way the artist fills in the spaces or the way the artist leaves the spaces white or blank?
Subject matter could be self explanatory but I’ve discovered through her work that it’s much deeper and more soulful than that. A tree is not necessarily a tree in her world. A bush is not necessarily a bush, for the bush speaks to her in a different way but it’s powerful to her and it leaves the door wide open for personal interpretation, and I love that!

Perhaps art can best be described as a form of creative expression that takes us outside ourselves and into transcendence where there is no space or time.
In that arena, creation happens.

Have you discovered a creative outlet?
What can you pour yourself into where time passes by and you are unaware of it?
How often do you find time for those spaces in your life?
If you’ve engaged in those spaces often, have you noticed your wholeness where there are no ill thoughts, no pain, no judgments, no stress and no anger or frustrations?
All there is, is creation happening.
How amazing is that?!

By the way, the artist friend is Lyndsey Olish; the artist I’ve collaborated with to design the images for my Oracle deck. The image presented below is the image for the second card that we’re designing.
I had already sent her the words for the card. These were her thoughts about creating the card from what I expressed.
They’re innocent and honest and that is the kind of artist that I am honored to work with. Thank you Lyndsey Olish for your authentic expression. I am honored to share in this experience with you.

In Lyndsey’s words:

“I produced this image very quickly like less than an hour or 40 minutes … I judged myself in that, like maybe I rushed or was careless. But that was wrong. I guess I was saying that maybe I could try this image again and make it “Better” but the more I look at it, I find myself wrong again. It’s special because it can’t be represented in the same way again.
I do believe this could be captured on a card magically. Like a scene from sleeping beauty or an old cartoon. I wanted to connect both the positive and negative message in card 2, that it’s ok to feel and sit with the shadow self but also keep in line the sight that life is abundant around you even in the darkest moment he sees the rabbitbrush.
Weird question; does the tree look dead enough?
And what if the little pieces drift away in the wind turned into a few little birds. I know I may be contradicting myself here but I’m truly open to it all. For me sometimes, I think if I don’t stress over an image then I didn’t or don’t love it enough. Strange to say that out loud. That’s some deep shit!
The simple yet abundant nature of the rabbitbrush really inspires a feeling of hope for me.”

We have a long ways to go in creating for this deck of oracle cards.
Already along the way, we have experienced openings within ourselves that invite questions and insights.
We’ve doubted and questioned ourselves and what I’ve discovered so far, is that doubting and questioning is represented in the card which ultimately opens a porthole into the soul where wisdom is revealed.

Oh my … what an odyssey.

All my love ~ Noël

Below is the inspired words for what Lyndsey and I are calling “Card 2”. These words emerged from within and I typed them out. I gave it a name for my own reference and it may change along the way but for now, this is what it is. Enjoy ♥

It’s Really Okay to Feel

Why is it so hard to recognize how we really feel sometimes?
You might be saying to yourself that you have no problem with identifying with your feelings. This oracle is inviting you to look a little closer.

You’ve spent years building layers and walls around your feelings due to previous conditioning patterns. Who do you want to please? Who are you afraid of upsetting? Are your genuine feelings socially acceptable? Will you be judged?
And now … you find yourself experiencing physical sensations that are uncomfortable.
Maybe you’ve heard it said that the physical body is just a manifestation of your emotional state of being. If you’ve never heard that before, it’s something to consider as you navigate your true feelings.
The physical body responds to trauma. Trauma can be as subtle as a spoken word that pierced your heart or look that rubbed your spirit, and it can be as brutal as violence and destruction.
What ever you’ve experienced in the past, the body has dealt with the effects in order to take care of you so that you can continue to function and live your life however, the body never forgets. Instead, it files away the experience, sends you a dose of adrenaline so that you can continue on.

This Oracle has a message for you. Take a closer look at your feelings. Invite your feelings to be present. Give yourself permission to sit with them and let them speak. This may require you to take 5 or 10 minutes or even longer, removed completely from distractions, for you to sit with yourself and open up to that still small voice within that wishes to speak.

Don’t be alarmed by what comes up. You are not a bad person. You are not evil with your unfavorable thoughts and feelings. Those thoughts and feelings are a barometer for you to understand your shadow self. Your shadow self is the part of you that you keep closed up and protected because you may feel that if the dark stuff ever gets out, it will shatter you.
It’s time now to honor your true thoughts and feelings.
Find a quiet space, free from any distractions, where you can release them. Journal, get crafty, take a walk, sing, curl up with a stuffed animal or just have a good cry. How lovely it is inviting the release; the permission to set free. It’s time.

If you continue to keep the shadow self in hiding, you will never really know yourself; how you are really feeling. You will be denying yourself the opportunity to fall madly in love with yourself.
But guess what? To fall in love with yourself, opens the porthole for you to fall in love with your life and your life experience. To fall in love with yourself, is to fall in love with your world.

It’s time.
It’s time to fall in love with you.
Take another look at your true feelings and give them permission to speak. They have something lovely, healing and empowering to share with you.

Practice of Gratitude

Thank you for my true feelings.
Thank you for opening up a quiet time and space for me to sit with my feelings.
Thank you for keeping me safe.
Thank you for clarity and understanding.
Thank you for opening up the space for me to fall in love with myself.
I’m ready.

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