I’ve had many, many dreams where I was flying. There are two that I recall where I was experiencing unbridled freedom, soaring above the earth where beauty and expanse were transforming. I glided effortlessly around, over, up and down and doing aerial acrobats that any gymnast would be envious of.  I was free, uplifted, spirited and energized by my freedom. I could travel to any destination without any limitations and I felt an internal joy and peace that was soothing and comforting. I was deliciously alive and full of energy.

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

One has to ask, are we really meant to fret and toil in this life? Are we destined to hard labor, fears, uncertainties, disappointments and dissatisfaction?

What if we were created to soar without limitations? What if freedom to rise above this life and experience all of the joys and excitement were really our birthright? What if…?

I don’t live in a fantasy world, I live in my reality. What’s real to me is mine and no one else’s. I would never ask you to join me in my reality, because it’s not yours to experience. It’s mine and I take ownership of it and guess what? If I want to change my reality, I really do have the power to do that. I want that power, don’t you? Don’t you want to know that you have the power to create whatever reality you desire for yourself?

A Graceful Odyssey is really a lifetime opportunity for everyone. It’s your birthright. What is your dream? Do you fly and soar above the earth in unbridled freedom? Or is your dream more grounded like the waters that traverse effortlessly down the mountain swooshing around rocks and boulders? The current carries all things down stream with an effortless stride. It’s cool, soothing, refreshing and cleansing.

I invite you to let your dream be your odyssey. Let it carry you through the day with ease and grace. Let it guide you over mountains, through valleys, over the waters and through the air. Let it quench the fires and storms of life.
Oh, but you say, “That is not reality”. “That is not the real world”.

And I would say, “Who’s world are we talking about?” Since I get to choose my reality and I have the power to create that which I desire, then anything is possible. Don’t you want to believe that? Or better yet, what do you chose to believe? Whatever that is, I guarantee it’s going to show up for you.

I invite you to take that Graceful Odyssey to your desires and dreams. I invite you to allow your heart to soar to that place that quenches the soul. Give yourself permission to dream and let that dream be the inspiration of Life. Let it create wonder, excitement, possibilities, passion and freedom.

Graceful Odyssey is freedom to be your innate self. Unbridled, spirited, joyful and passionate.

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