‘You are an eternal being. You have always been and always will be in existence. There is no beginning of you and there is no end to you. If that is the truth, then why are we really here?’ 

The tree has roots.

The tree has a trunk.

The tree has branches and …

The tree has leaves.

The tree is often a metaphor depicting our connection and relation to God/Spirit/Source; the roots that ground us, the trunk that holds us up, the branches that extend like the limbs of our body and the leaves that invite personal expression and connection to all that is.

Would you say that the trunk has to learn about being a trunk to perform its duty as part of the tree?

Do the leaves have to learn about being a leaf in order to function on the tree?

Do the roots of the tree have to learn about absorbing water and nutrients from the soil in order to grow?

Of course not!

So many times I have heard that we are here to ‘Learn’ lessons. Our purpose here is to ‘Learn’ from all of our experiences.

I question this truth that has been adopted by some. We all have an internal knowing to all things … I believe that. If that is true, then what is left to learn?

If the tree already knows how to be a tree; The roots, the trunk, the branches and the leaves, already know how to perform their innate being-ness as part of the tree I must ask;

Are we really here to learn? If we are all part of the energy and consciousness of God, then do we really need to learn anything?! If God is all knowing, all wisdom and all being, then we are as well and the notion that we still have to learn something more is confusing to me.

What if we’re here for the experience? What if we allowed ourselves to stay spiritually asleep in order to extract the immense juiciness of a colorful, vibrant and suspenseful life that would reflect; the people, the places, the circumstances, the experiences, the sights, smells, tastes, the loves and friendships, of our choosing?

What if our slumber invited us the grand and tumultuous experience that allowed us the opportunity to extract every drop of the elixir of life in order to embrace every facet of the experience from the pains to the joys?

Wouldn’t life be decadent and rich? Wouldn’t our experiences be perceived free and detached from the limitations we put on ourselves? Could we not see life for what it truly is as a temporary space in time to experience the thrill of the ride?!

You are an eternal being. You have always been and always will be in existence. There is no beginning of you and there is no end to you. If that is the truth, then why are we really here?

Perhaps we are here to embrace, A Rich Experience. There is no denying that this life with all of its complexities, exciting moments, personal relationships, fears, turbulent rides of joy and ecstasy as well as moments of rest, boredom, pain and torture, are all part of a unique experience.

We’ve all met fat people, skinny people, wealthy people, poor people, successful people, and unsuccessful people. We know those who are healthy and not so healthy. We know those who have active lifestyles and those who have sedentary lifestyles. We know those who have lived here and there, foreign or local and those who travel all over. There are those who are social beings and those who keep mostly to themselves. We know those who are angry and mean, those who are sweet and angelic, those who are sunny and bright, those who are talkative and those who are quiet and shy.

How rich!

Every one of us is experiencing something different than another. Every one of us has our own circumstances, relationships, hardships, blessings, pains, joys and … life!

How rich!

There is nothing wrong with you!

There is nothing that you have to fix!

There is nothing that needs to be changed!

There is nothing to run from, nothing to fight for and nothing to save or destroy!

Stand back and observe this. Look at how circumstances unfold. Look at the people and all of their colorful personalities. Look at all of the magnitudes of diversities that occur around the world. Look at the people and places that either evokes peace or war. Look at sickness and health and how the world adjusts to this. Look at all of the diverse languages and nationalities. Look at all of the dynamics in relationships, the places people chose to live or the activities they engage in or support. It’s a colorful array of choices and lifestyles.

How rich!

If we can grasp this; if we can stand back from our life, look at it for what it really is; an experience rather than a lesson that we can possibly fail, then perhaps we can all start living, truly living our own lives, knowing that we are eternal beings here for a rich experience … rather than beating ourselves up because we have not learned the lesson or judging someone else because their experience appears to be flawed or they appear to be flawed.

Whether we are indeed here to ‘Learn’ or for the ‘Rich’ experience, we can embrace the decadent and juicy moments that invite rich substance and ecstasy in experiences.

It truly is a rich life and we always have a choice on how we want to live it.

Whether you live it with joy or pain, happiness or sadness, bitterness or sweetness … in the end, it is your life.

I hope you embrace the Richness of it!


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