There is a hush that blankets the land …
Where a symphony of silence pierces my soul and
Offers me a deep sense of comfort.


Without my doing, things that I used to gravitate to, hold on to, cherish … no longer hold me in suspension with their magic forces.
The sheer artistry of this experience, as each moment unfolds, inbetween each breath, astonishes me!
All things have become a priceless masterpiece … A symphony to my senses.
Every stroke of the moment, paints a new painting.
To look upon my surroundings is always an invitation to crack open and be reborn.

Although my surroundings change daily, it is the seasons that really beckon me to shift and change.
I’ve never been one to appreciate the seasons. They were simply a way of life … a necessary occurrence that took place year after year.

In previous chapters of my life, Summer was the only season that inspired me. I craved the warmth of the sun. I was drawn to the beauty of the flowers and the trees. I looked for the butterflies and bee’s and I enjoyed the bubbly and rushing sounds of the creeks and rivers for their songs serenaded a gentle lullaby of whimsy and jovial play.


This past year, I have been overcome by the immense beauty that surrounds me, within all of the seasons.
I no longer find myself wishing and hoping that Summer will arrive. It was never, fully appreciated anyway because I knew it only lasted for a short while before Autumn began to make it’s presence known. To me, Autumn was just an ushering in of Winter … which I dreaded!
This season, I’m sad to see Winter leave. I have never experienced Winter like I did this year. I’m not even sure I can put it into words … it’s been more of a deep appreciation for being witness to something seemingly so new. It’s like I’ve experienced Winter for the first time. I am in awe over the stark contrast to Summer and overwhelmed by the cleansing and purging of all of the previous seasons. Winter wiped the slate clean for any and all new beginnings.
Am I ready for a fresh, new start?


I’m still not a fan of the cold, but with the cold comes the tremendous opportunity to see my breath as I exhale and marvel the cloudy, vaporous, mist that escapes and diffuses into infinity. I’m reminded that my breath is the force of life. I’ve often said, “In between each breath, there you will find God”. Thank you Winter for the opportunity to feel alive!

The snow was extra special this year with the downy blanket of white consuming any precarious appendage bursting forth from the earth.
When the sun makes an appearance after a storm, I’m mesmerized by the shifting, twinkling snowflakes as they dance on display like diamonds. Shadows cast in the snow from the imposing branches of the trees, invite interpretation … like passing clouds in the sky as they change shape and invite the onlooker to imagine. On cloudy days, the hues of subtle grays and milky blues, calmed my spirit and gave me a deep sense of peace.
Have you ever heard the sound of silence when the snow is falling to the earth? It’s a string of silent notes, as each flake hits the earth, worth pausing and taking in. There is nothing like it.
There is a hush that blankets the land … where a symphony of silence pierces my soul and offers me a deep sense of comfort.
Ah Winter, you’ve wooed me all these years. I can no longer deny your invitation to bathe in the warmth within as I find comfort from your frigid, icy fingers that threaten to turn me into a frozen ice sculpture. For the first time, I admire you from a place of thermal comfort that assures me I am always swaddled in the warmth of love. I no longer find you to be a threat to the comfort of my life. Instead, you intrigue me and invite me to slow down, take notice and appreciate the way you consume the landscape.

As Spring is peeking it’s head out of the snow … I witness the first shoots of the garden emerge. Weeds are already taking up residence as they spread their leaves and begin announcing their intention to stay. (They’re such tenacious plants, always showing me that every place in the garden is worthy of their presence.) Perhaps the entire Universe is worthy of my presence. I just love metaphors.
Blades of grass emerge, standing tall and proud, buds on the tree’s are getting fat and full and the perennial plants of the garden are showing promising signs of rich and dynamic color to be birthed in the months ahead.
The birds are already beginning to sing a new song … I hear them when they don’t notice I am paying attention. Oh, how they charm me.
I’m looking forward to shedding layers of warmth. While a heavy coat is a great comfort on a frigid day, it is so cumbersome and hinders ease of movement.

With each season, I enjoy capturing the little things through the lens of my camera. I carry it where ever I go, for I do not want to miss the smallest opportunity to capture something that teases my curiosity. The things that I used to take for granted like the succulent drop of rain on the petal of a flower or a lingering leaf on the rose bush or striations in a melting icicle, invite me to pause and take notice. It’s all so, bewitching and hypnotic!

As Spring ushers in another season, I am honored to be witness to nature as it invites me to stay present and notice.
I’m fascinated everyday with observing something that I have never observed before. What delight awaits me when I slow down enough to notice? I don’t move too fast these days for I do not want to miss a thing! I’ve been inviting myself to gaze, linger … notice everything my senses pick up. I’m in tune in a way that I have never been before. It’s like I’ve been asleep and I’m waking up to a brand new experience! You can be assured that I will pause plenty of times to capture the unsuspecting opportunities with my camera so that I can reflect and share with you, how my world reveals itself to me.

I’ve let go of thinking that the seasons should be a certain way in order to suit my comforts. I no longer wish that any part of the experience should be something other than what it is. There’s a slowing cadence to my moves … my actions. I no longer rush to get through the day but instead, pause to savor the intimate moments that beckon me to notice.

It’s all so divine and precious. Have you noticed?

Thank you for being here with me now.
All my love ~ Noël ♥

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