How can we know for sure if something is wrong or broken?

How can we know for sure if something or someone is right or wrong?

Perhaps if we can get enough believers in the same cause united to stand with us – that will validate our beliefs but … does that much energy in the belief make it true?

How can we know for sure? Are you sure?

If we’ve believed it our whole lives … our whole lives we have lived with this belief that has become our truth, how or why would we change our minds, and why now? Do we need to change our minds?

And speaking about “Minds”, what happens in our mind? What happens in our head? Does thinking happen in our head?

If we change our thinking, can we also change our beliefs? And if we change our beliefs, does our truth change as well? If our truth changes and we begin to believe it, does that make it “The Truth”? What happens if we change that truth because our thinking has changed, what “Truth” is it now?

Perhaps there is no Truth. Chew on that for a minute!

If what we believed to be true changes because now we believe differently, then what is true now?

Oh the magic of infinite possibilities!!!

If our thinking changes our beliefs and our new beliefs change our truth, then truth is constantly changing and evolving and therefore all of life just … Is … there is no stable ground with which to stand on and everything is possible. “Truth” as we know and believe it, is dissolving constantly.

Toss your thinking out the window …

Toss your beliefs out the window …

Toss your Truth out the window …

Let life “Be” what it “Is” because it’s only our thinking that makes anything and everything so in our world but … that doesn’t make it “True”.

Perhaps closing our minds to “Thinking” and opening our hearts to loving what “Is”, invites infinite possibilities. Perhaps all of life truly is magical, wondrous, blessed … perfect! The Universe is perfect!

Loving what “Is” will set us free to experience the magic of life and that is worth living for.

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