“Could it be that you signed up for this life … you and God? Could it be that you agreed to have this experience?”

Have you ever contemplated who you were before you came into existence?

Have you ever wondered if this is the only time you’ve ever been alive?

Who were you before you came into being?

Have you ever spent time wondering how long you’ve been in existence? Was it just this space and time or were there others and if there were others, who were you and what were you doing?

What if you sat down with God/ Spirit/ Creator before coming into this lifetime, and mapped out a course for your life? I’ve never known God to be a dictator but maybe God is and you were told how things were going to be for you or maybe perhaps, God is a negotiator, a mentor, a guide and you both planned together.

What if you and God decided what time you would come in, who you would be, what kind of life you would live, what nationality you would be, what kind of personality you would have, who your parents would be, what kind of experiences you would have, and so on … and so on …

As life unfolded, you may have formed opinions about life’s circumstances based on either others perceptions that you adopted or guards, shields and filters that you put up to protect yourself but if you are an eternal being, what exactly are you protecting?

They say that we have freedom of choice but I wonder… what if we made all of the choices before we came in and now we are living them out in full color.

If it’s true that we are the creator of our own destiny, we walk our own path, we make our own choices and we are the ONLY one who can live our life, can it be possible that it is absolutely perfect and our perception of what is, is actually our own design?

Do we love ourselves or do we hate ourselves for choosing such a path? If we’re in pain, we could choose to hate ourselves and hold ourselves accountable for such an ill justice or put the blame on someone else and adopt the roll of ‘Victim’. After all, we would never choose such a life for ourselves, right? Or … would we?

If … you and God chose this path, if you knew that you are an eternal being, if you can feel and interpret that you have always been in existence, then perhaps you can stop beating yourself up, abusing yourself, cursing your life, hating people who do you wrong and get a glimpse that you are absolutely perfect, created in the image of God and since God is Love, then … you are too. YOU ARE LOVE!

If you believe that God is love, you may spend your entire life discovering just what that means but perhaps, it isn’t discovering God’s love but rather learning to take ownership of the love that we actually are and accepting all that we are and all that we came here to experience. Instead of beating ourselves up because we hate our lives, we could see that we actually ARE the love of God, we ARE eternal beings and we ARE living out an experience that is divine and perfect, custom designed by you and God.

Perception can mess us up! We can perceive people, circumstances and happenings in our lives as bad, unfortunate, the Devil, evil in full force or injustice. We could say that we are living out our Karma and that everything that is happening TO US, is because we are bad, we made bad choices, God is teaching us something that we are ignorant to or we’re being punished for something we have absolutely no clue about and the only one to blame is ourselves but I have to ask, is that true? Are you sure?

Could it be that you signed up for this life … you and God? Could it be that you agreed to have this experience?         agreed

You may ask, “Why the hell would I chose this life? Why the hell would I choose to experience this kind of pain or injustice?”

You chose it because you are an eternal being and this is a temporary place and time that really … means nothing in the bigger scheme of things.

Perhaps it’s like going through the haunted house, or the room of mirrors. Every corner you turn, you experience some new gory creature or image in a distorted mirror. They aren’t real. Nothing is real enough to cause permanent damage. If anything, they cause you to see things differently than they really are. Perhaps they are a disguise or a distraction to either enhance the experience or distract you from who you really are but … they are not real.

Maybe when you awaken from the illusion, you can see that you did design this life, the complexities, the challenges, the hardships, the pain as well as the joys, thrills, happiness, beautiful relationships, blessings and gifts and … love it all because YOU are the designer and creator of it all.

Perhaps now you can love yourself enough to trust that you designed it all, you are perfect, you are a creator and a designer of the most amazing life and an eternal being who has always been and will always be forever and ever!

Now … you can really start living! You can open your eyes and see just how amazing of a creator you are! Look at the people in your life! Look at watching-movie-in-3dyour surroundings, the weather, the landscape, the vastness from coast to coast, from here to outer space. You can see science in motion, creativity at its finest and most elaborate and experience the most extraordinary works of art! Truly, what you have created in this life is breathtaking!

Maybe you did design this life. Maybe you and God agreed and created together so that you could have one hell of an experience. After all, if you’ve always been in existence and you will continue on forever and ever, why not create an experience that extracted all of the elixir and vapors of a life that takes your breath away?

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