Shhh …
Be quiet!
Don’t speak!
Don’t say a thing!
Just tuck it away for now. There’s no time for it!


My spirit moves …
My inner child is released …
My inner muse is unleased.

Self-Realization is such an intimate journey.
When the time is right, the door is unlocked and get ready …

The captive are set free.

It’s the inner child who begs for freedom.

I know …
You don’t understand what I’m talking about.

You’re an adult now and that child is in the past but guess what?!

That child has been behind lock and key for a very long time and he/she speaks with you daily.

Do you hear her? Do you hear him? Are you listening?
Probably not!

They don’t demand, you know? They don’t chastise, scream, cry or curse. They only ask for permission to be set free … to be heard … to be acknowledged.

They have a story to tell and chances are, you closed the door on them a very long time ago and put a dead bolt on the door to keep them in.
It was a self-preservation move on your part to protect you from harm, pain, squashed dreams and the idea that you needed to grow up!

Unless you bring the key with you to open the door, to sit with them and listen to them tell their story, they stay locked away until one day, you don’t understand your life. You don’t understand how you ended up where you are. You don’t understand why you hurt or the pain you carry day after day after day.
You don’t understand the choices you are making.
You don’t understand why you don’t fit in.
You don’t understand the global impact on you and why you cannot fix it all.

That child holds the magic ticket. That child remembers when …Inner child

You were free …
Life was a wonder …
Everything was an opportunity to explore …
Your imagination was limitless and …

You were the Universe!

You were the fucking Universe!!!
Who the hell was God?
What the hell was Evil?
What the hell was pain?
Who the hell was the enemy?
What the hell is there to fight for?
What the hell do we need to save?

You were” It” man and nothing was impossible … NOTHING!!!

You created the stars and the moon in your imagination.
You flew through the sky and dreamed of super heroes and fairy’s and they were your friend and they were there to support you!

You built mansions!
Talked to the animals!
You lived in inferestimal possibilities!
Absolutely nothing was too crazy to partake in because the exploration was the journey.
You had absolutely no idea where you were going and who the fuck cared?!Inner child 1

Everything was created in your mind and you lived it!

You didn’t care if it was real or not … YOU LIVED IT!!!

What if that child was right all along?!
What if that child was showing you the way?!
What if that child still knows and you have them locked away?!

What would happen if you took the key opened the lock, cracked the door open and sat down and had a conversation with that child?

What would you learn about yourself?
What would that child have to say about who you have always been?
What if you could start over and recreate the vision that child had?

Oh my … What would your life look like?

What do you think that child could imagine and what kind of life do you think that child could create?!
Wouldn’t you like to know or …

Is it just too scary to go there?
Perhaps you’re just too grown up and that child must be “Seen and not heard”.

You can have that!
If you must keep that child silent for the time being, then … okay. That has to be okay.

If however, you are wondering, questioning, in pain, and willing to explore,

Then …Inner child 5

Open the door,
Step in …
Have a seat
And …

Ask that child to speak.

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