“Life’s a dance, you learn as you go,

Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow.

Don’t worry ‘bout what you don’t know,

Life’s a dance, you learn as you go.”  —John Michael Montgomery

Got your groove thing going? How’s your moves? Are you keeping timing? Do you have a partner or are you going solo?

You probably didn’t know you were a born dancer, did you?

And yet … here you are!

You might be looking back on your life and remember the trips and stumbles. Maybe you remember crawling and gnawing your way to your destined place. Or maybe you can remember swinging around in a pirouette or a hop, skip and a jump that landed you where you are. Did you get swept up in the events of life where it just seemed like a partner busted a choreographed move that supported you as you held on?

Try this; Close your eyes and take yourself back to yesterday. Now quickly breeze through your memory of the day and see movement with it. Don’t stop for too long, just coast through all of your activities yesterday and visualize the movement, the gliding, the stumbling, the marching, the swaying, the lifting, the laying and the bouncing. Can you see it? Bet you didn’t know you were dancing … did you?

So what dance are you grooving to right now?

Are you moving to the Two Step which requires simple moves with a partner, two at a time or are you moving to the Cha Cha which invites timing and synchronicity? Are you dancing to the Tango with heat and passion or are you busting the moves of Break Dancing where you display the moves of a contortionist? Ballet is full of grace and beauty with outstretched limbs to elongate our lines and the Hustle? … Well the name says it all. A slow dance invites holding on with our arms wrapped around our partner swaying side to side and how ‘bout that Irish Dance where it’s all in the legs with very little arm movement but a lot of lively hopping and toe to heel tapping? Tap dancing is right along up there with Irish Dancing with the clicking, sliding and the toe/heel action … toe thumping jamboree!

I wonder if the Dance is really the spirit’s way of helping us break free from just walking, running and even sitting. Perhaps the spirit is trying to reveal to us a crafty way to navigate this life free from structure, conformity, laws and rigidity. The Dance is really a display of art, grace and talent that we may never knew we possessed and after completing the task at hand, we can see just how talented we really are … not to mention realizing just how good of shape we’re really in. Believe me … exercising the spiritual body is just as taxing and tiring as exercising the physical body and guess what? You cannot take the physical body with you when you graduate from this life. So my friends, the Dance is probably our most important work while we’re here because it not only strengthens the physical body, but strengthens the spiritual body as well. The physical body cannot perform until the spirit is willing.

Just a thought but … maybe there’s no walking in heaven. Maybe we all take our dance moves with us to heaven and EVERYONE in heaven dances where ever they go. What a pleasant thought …

A couple of things to ponder to support you in developing your skilled moves as a dancer:

  1. Listen to inspiring music. Whatever genera suits you, moves you, inspires you … find room in your day to listen, absorb and move to it. It’s exercise for the body, mind and soul. The body is just a physical representation of what the soul wants to express. Go with what moves. It’s all good.
  2. When you’re faced with a situation that you find challenging or frustrating, draw on one of your songs to move you through it. Music has the capacity to take us back to familiar times and places which for the human spirit, we find very comforting. My sister is a pro at drawing up songs from the current play list and the past to represent chapters and episodes in her life. It’s supporting and healing as she identifies the lyrics with the profound synchronicities of her life. She’s got a very musical life.
  3. If you stumble, just make it part of the Dance. Every situation in life; every opportunity in life, is just another space to create our dance moves. We don’t have to look like anyone else, just let it be expressed fully and move with it. If it causes someone to laugh, because you may look silly to them, then laugh with them … its good therapy. If it causes someone else to start dancing with you because you’ve captivated their interest, then enjoy the moment. It’s all good, beneficial and beautiful.
  4. Gratitude will always support the Dance. As we develop our moves and motions to sway and keep timing with the Dance, offering up gratitude will always keep us close to God and Spirit who will always provide us with more music to assist us in developing our moves.

A word of encouragement; ‘Don’t worry ‘bout what you don’t know’. You may not know your Dance, your moves, your groove thing, your rhythm, your song or your next steps. You may not feel the rhythm and the cadence of your life. Perhaps you are creating moves on the fly and you’re just going with the timing of the next moment not even realizing that time has passed. You are what we may call, a “Leader” or a “Creator”. You’ve never seen it done before, but you’re doing your thing. It’s the way it’s always been for you and you’re just going with it without a thought, a vision, a sense of direction or a purpose except to follow your heart and soul. How perfect can that be?!

Be encouraged to keep dancing … YOUR dance. Ben Aaron (a VERY funny guy) has a video clip that is sure to inspire you to ‘Get your groove thing going’, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ib3Duz_6a9M.

It may be a life, it may be a chapter, and it may be a challenge or a celebration. It may be an opportunity or a missed opportunity and it may be a lesson but through it all …

Keep dancing!

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