“Take my hand and walk with me”. This was the loving message I received from God when Mom got lung cancer. As a matter of fact, for the last 9 years, I’ve been holding that same hand‚ and never felt the need to let go.

I don’t walk my path in this life alone. God has always been there, gently, lovingly and ever so patiently guiding me along. It’s a very narrow path and to some degree, that reality comforts me.

I remember many, many years ago while watching the Odd Couple, a TV sitcom with two characters named Oscar and Felix. Felix was explaining the word K.I.S.S, using a chalkboard and a piece of chalk to Oscar and to this day, I have never forgotten it. Felix wrote; Keep. It. Simple. Stupid!

That narrow path is a gift. It’s just wide enough for me to walk it with God right by my side. It really is a simple path with very few twists and turns, climbs or descents in elevation. When my attention is on my companion God then I can breathe, and it truly is so simple.

I’ve been awakened ever so gently, to the great discomforts of life. I had a conversation with a friend a short while back and she put it in this perspective, “What if pain made an agreement with the Universe all those millennia ago that it would take the bad rap for life”? After all, peace, joy, comfort, love, compassion, gratuity, all those others get all of the accolades and glory. Pain perhaps, always knew its gift. Pain is gentle, loving, nurturing and very, very patient.  Pain knows its value but because it causes such an immense amount of discomfort, the love and the gifts are so hard to see.

As we walk this path, this narrow path, I invite you to tune into all of your senses and awareness. Look at the gifts every step of the way.

Listen! Do you hear the birds singing, or the wind as it swooshes through the trees?

Can you smell the delicate ambrosia of the sweet, fresh air, or experience the crispness of the frost as it kisses your nose?

Are your eyes captivated at the foliage, flowers, trees, the sky, the clouds and the movement of the gentle breeze?

Can you feel the warm hug from the sun as it penetrates the atmosphere to caress your skin?

What lies under your feet? Is it succulent blades of grass that caress your feet as you walk? Is it the dirt and sand that cradles your feet as you take each step? Is there a gentle, moving creek that crosses the path inviting you to dip your toes to receive a cool, refreshing burst of energy to carry you forward?

Perhaps a bird, a butterfly or a squirrel has crossed your path or perched in front of you, to invite a slight distraction, …even perhaps a little entertainment. Such whimsy can be so enchanting.

Look at the fields of flowers as their faces reach to the sun to grasp the life giving energy of the warmth and rays of life. Do you see that one that is beckoning you to come, caress it and inhale its divine perfume?

As we walk this path, this beautiful path, I invite you to hold the hand of the Divine, breathe and then open yourself up to see all the beauty and loveliness around you. It beckons you to stop, take notice and receive the gifts it so eagerly wants to give you.

Pain is not the enemy. Pain is the loving teacher that will hold you and love you as you travel the path and then when you are ready, it will release you and set you free to spread your wings. It’s never a moment too soon or too late. I invite you to find comfort and peace with that.

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