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Welcome to Graceful Odyssey.

Thank you for stopping by.
I’m so appreciative of you being here.

Graceful Odyssey is for the One who is awakening to the magnificence and inner knowing that they possess.
Graceful Odyssey is for the One who is on the path of self-discovery and who is looking for a resource to support them while taking the next step into the unknown.
This space was created as an outlet for all of the creative and inspirational hits that grab me and invite me to put into words that which has no words.

These are words and musings that emerge from some place deep within and even when the words land on paper, I’m always amazed at what comes out. I do not take credit for the words but merely honor them for they are the “Chosen ones” that bring life to that which is asking for creative expression.

I am also using this page to invite the viewer to my other social media. I’m aware that we all gather inspiration, encouragement, validation, teachings, and nourishment from resources that resonate within us. So be sure to check out my Facebook page, my Instagram page, and my Youtube channel.

Grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee or a refreshing beverage and stay awhile.
I hope you find a piece of yourself tucked within my words.

All my love ~
Noël ♥

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Letting Go Of The Truth

I’ve discovered that Truth is like the end of the rainbow. I can see it from a distance but it can never be approached and it can never be caught. It keeps changing distances and every step to get me closer, just pushes it that much further away. Keep chasing it and I...

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Mirror * Mirror

What did you see … When you said that I’m “Looking good … real good”? What did you see when you said that I was a talented artist, a good writer or a valuable helper? I hear you say that I am a “Flower child” or that I am “Zen”, and the best of all, “You are amazing!”...

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The Creator

When the Artist says, “I am the Creator! I created this work of art” and the work of art says, “I am a work of art, the Creator created me and I create my world”, who then, is the C r e a t o r? What happens in your world when you hear or read something that causes...

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Awakening to Wisdom

'Perhaps it is not the Wisdom that others see and acknowledge but rather recognizing their own Truth wrapped in her words and actions. Perhaps others wish the same Wisdom for themselves and she will kindly tell them, “You’ve had it all along and you always will, for...

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I Didn’t Sign Up For this!

"Could it be that you signed up for this life … you and God? Could it be that you agreed to have this experience?" Have you ever contemplated who you were before you came into existence? Have you ever wondered if this is the only time you’ve ever been alive? Who were...

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QuEstIOn EveRyThiNG!

How do you describe the ocean to someone who’s never seen it? How do you describe the color blue to a blind person? Sit with that for a minute … It’s hard, isn’t it? Describe an ocean wave. Describe the shade of the color blue. How would you do it? So now, maybe you...

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Touch the Garment of the Divine

"This is the calling of the soul. It is what you were created for. It is the current that runs through your veins that gives you life, purpose, passion and the drive to seek space and time to get there again and again. It beckons you with every breath you take,...

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A Rich Experience

'You are an eternal being. You have always been and always will be in existence. There is no beginning of you and there is no end to you. If that is the truth, then why are we really here?'  The tree has roots. The tree has a trunk. The tree has branches and … The...

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'We are all given some dose of intuition. We all have an innate ability to sense something deeper, much deeper than what the physical senses can detect. For some it’s very subtle and for others it’s very vibrant. As we walk this path, we are awakening to a time where...

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Make it a Part of the Dance

  “Life’s a dance, you learn as you go, Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow. Don’t worry ‘bout what you don’t know, Life’s a dance, you learn as you go.”  ---John Michael Montgomery Got your groove thing going? How’s your moves? Are you keeping timing? Do you...

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