So you’re the one“, my sister said to me over a phone conversation where I was expressing some deep insights that left her feeling a sense of release.

My mother was a very, what I would call , “Spiritual woman”. She had a connection to another dimension that always left me feeling a little intimidated. She possessed an inner wisdom and knowing that I was sure came from another place and it did not seem to me that I could ever tap into. I’m not sure I ever wanted to because Mom was different. There were qualities about my mother that I did not want to be like. At the time, spirituality was one of them.
Mom had what I would call, “A gift”. She was a channel for another spirit who posed as a physician. People would come to her and ask for healing. She embraced her gift for many years and after awhile, she grew weary. Mom came to a space where she needed for people to take ownership of their own healing, rather than come to her for all of their ailments.

My sister could see ghosts. That terrified her because she never knew what to do with her gift. She used to tell me that she could “See dead people”. My deceased grandmother appeared to her one evening and it scared the shit out of her and she shouted to grandma to never appear to her again! Grandma never did appear to her again.
My sister never wanted her gift but somehow, she felt that she was the one to carry on Mom’s lineage of spiritual gifts. So even though “Dead people” would appear to her, she never felt a need to connect with them.

My sister and I had a long conversation after she made her declaration about me being “The one”. For the first time in her life, she finally felt like a heavy weight was lifted off of her. Somehow in her mind, she felt a sense of duty to continue on with Mom’s connections to “The other side” and that left her feeling defeated. After her observations of my insights, she finally felt that I could be the one to carry on moms lineage and she could be set free.
To set the record straight, I’m not sure there is a lineage to carry on as my sister thought. I’ve just come to recognize my sensitivities and allow space in my life to embrace their contribution to my life experience.
I do not possess either my moms gift or my sisters. Instead, I have a heightened sensitivity to energy. So heightened in fact, that public places cause great distress. I manage in my world pretty well, but get me in a crowd of people and I just want to look for the nearest exit.
I rarely go to parties or concerts or big gatherings where there is an abundance of people. I do rather well if I’m the speaker in a group or I’m at the head of a gathering. Being within the crowd evokes anxiety.
I had a palm reader reveal to me in a session, that I possess the ability to feel a room and the energy in it. I was astounded that he could see that in my hand!

Along with my sensitivity, I receive an attuned read on people. I don’t know their thoughts, but I do feel their mood or I get a reading on their character. A lot of times you’ll hear me say something like, “They are the type of person”. I can sense ‘Types’ pretty well. I will tell you this though, the deeper I can look within myself the deeper I can feel into others. They are all projections of myself and so the more intimate I get into my own being, the easier it is for me to read into another. My life’s work has been understanding myself and along the way, I am able to meet people where they are at; love them, respect them and give them space to be themselves. What ever type, character, mood or energy they possess, they’re all welcome in my world with love and appreciation for they are always directing me inward.

My husband has remarked to me his fascination with people and their ease to tell me some of their most personal stuff. Complete strangers that I would strike up a conversation with, would share something with me that they would later express, they have never shared with another.
I feel honor when I can have these kind of conversations with people. Perhaps that is why small talk bores me. It seems meaningless and shallow and yet, nourishing conversations usually are led up to from small talk. People don’t usually dive into a deep conversation. They usually start out with light conversation that is safe … like they are testing the safety to let down their guard and allow themselves to be honest and vulnerable.

Once safety is established, they can let down their guard and allow themselves to open up.
It’s a great honor for me to have these nourishing conversations for it takes courage for someone to open up and once they feel safe enough to share, healing begins … for both of us.
It’s delicious work for me.

What “Gifts” do you possess?
As a spirit living out a human experience, somewhere within, you possess a gift that connects you to your spirit self.
Do you know what it is?
How often do you connect with this part of you?
What nourishment do you receive from this part of you?
Does your gift scare you or cause you discomfort or do you embrace it and work with it?

My mom worked with her gift until it became a burden. I suspect that happens to all of us at some point in our lives. Gifts can be over used. We need to find rest and nourishment for our own spirit. It isn’t always about using our gifts. We have to be replenished on a consistent basis. There must be a healthy balance between living our lives, sharing our gifts and replenishing our physical bodies and our spirits.

As I continue in my odyssey, and I travel within to understand myself, my outer world becomes more pleasant and lovely. Even the things that used to irritate me, annoy me, drain me, frustrate me and scare me, are becoming more and more lovely and exquisite. When I reside in these spaces that used to challenge me greatly, I’m finding a stride that nurtures me and offers me a sense of perfection in my world.

My spiritual gifts are a navigational instrument into a deeper dimension that allows me to experience my world from another perspective. I relish experiencing in three-dimensions and seeing all of life from many angles. There’s never any one way of things. It’s always about angles, light, corners, perspective and shadows and all of that can change in each moment as I move about my experience.

I invite you to explore your gifts and get intimate with that aspect of yourself to understand yourself and your world. You are spirit first and your gifts will open up a passage to connect with your spirit self and God, so that your life experience can become enriched and delicious. Your gifts are so unique to you and even though they may be like someone else’s, they are uniquely designed to support you on your odyssey through this life.

Enjoy the ride!
All my love ~ Noël ♥

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