When the Artist says, “I am the Creator! I created this work of art” and the work of art says, “I am a work of art, the Creator created me and I create my world”, who then, is the C r e a t o r?

What happens in your world when you hear or read something that causes you to look at your life differently? Are we ever really the same after being presented with new ideas that set into motion a different way of thinking and believing?  Read on …

We see millions of people around us. We see nature, we see the creatures of the earth and we see places, objects and things. We can taste the most decadent and delicious of foods as well as the most vile and nasty. We can touch things that soothe and comfort and we can touch things that cause us to coil and retract. We listen to music and symphonies that can stir the soul and we can hear sounds that cause our nerves to seize up in anguish. We see the past that continues to reveal itself through the findings of dinosaurs, long lost cities, skeleton remains, literature, and music, all surrounding us revealing convincing evidence of a past that we were not here for and what remains is convincing evidence of a time long gone. We hear predictions for our future from those who possess the gift of ‘Seeing’. Life appears and seems so real because the entire experience is felt.

Perhaps we meditate and pray and receive messages and information that we accept and then administer to our life that supports our walk. Maybe we had a Past Life Regression session and discovered another incarnation. Perhaps in this regression we discovered that we were living out another experience, here on Earth and we left a trail that led us to this current place and time. All of this could certainly support why we are here … we just evolved to this place and time … from one incarnation to another. As the messages become clear and validated, we begin to recognize that perhaps there are angels, spirit guides and ancestors on the other side of our physical being that guide us and show us the way. ‘Signs and wonders’ it’s sometimes called.

Edgar Casey shared in his experiences that we are all reincarnated and we are living out our Karma. Some of his studies revealed past life wrongs that are beckoning to be righted in this lifetime. The cause of one’s pain is due to something they experienced in a previous life and Karma is inviting them in this lifetime to correct it. Or maybe you’re gifted in some area of your life like art or communication that is a reflection of past lives that you have been conditioning and practicing to express fully in this incarnation.

And yet the question beckons, is ANY of it real? Is it true?

It’s a legitimate question. After all, the evidence is there. Science is still uncovering amazing discoveries that prove our presence in this lifetime. Spiritually we are becoming more and more aware of another realm … another space that occupies our current reality. Every time we go searching, we are making astounding discoveries that are deeply enriching our lives and convincing us that we are not alone. Perhaps in these discoveries we find that there are those who came before us who designed and created lives and left a mark on history centuries before our time that left clues to help us navigate this place and time.

Are you following through this compelling bit of information? Why would we question the evidence? Why would we question the clues that offer up convincing evidence to all of our searching?

And yet, if you are open to questioning all that you see, hear, feel, touch, taste and experience the next question could be … What if?

What if … ALL of it is an illusion that you created before you incarnated into this lifetime? Lifes illusion
Is that possible? Is it possible that you programed the entire experience to support your time here … in this incarnation? You may think all of it is real, spirits, people, places, history, the creatures, the air you breathe, the molecules and atoms that make up matter, the weather, the earth, the planets,  the catastrophes and the miracles but …

What if it’s all a convincing illusion that you created before entering into this incarnation?

Does this question blow your mind?! Perhaps you’re throwing it straight out the window because it’s just too preposterous! Or perhaps, it makes some kind of sense and if it does, it just may twist you up a bit to awaken you to the illusion of it all.

If you check in with your soul, the intimate part of you that’s infused into every fiber of your being, that part of you that you can feel deeply and know without a shadow of doubt that you have always existed, you’ll be guided … all the way back … to the beginning … the beginning of time. You have always been since the beginning of time. YOU! Does that make YOU the ONLY one? If “In the beginning God created” … could it be possible that it was YOU who created?! If you’ve always been and you will always be, then you must have started in … the ‘Beginning’.

“In the beginning God created” …

You may be saying to yourself, “But what about all the other people, animals, creatures, spirits, souls, ancestors and beings; what about them … if I’m the only One?” And in that instant, in that very same breath … you may be separating yourself from all that is. Can you see that? Can you feel that?

All that you see, hear, experience, feel, taste and touch is YOUR creation!

Sit with that for a minute. Feel that for a minute and let it speak to the Truth you seek.

What if … you actually are … God/Creator/Spirit? Feel this for a moment …

It has been taught in the Church that “God created man for fellowship”. The bible also states that “Man was created in the image of God”, (Genesis 1:27). If you are God, do you think that creating other beings … man, in your image, would be an opportunity to enrich the experience? And what if man, is a direct reflection of all that you are here to experience … to offer you ‘Fellowship’?

It has been taught also that there is no outside experience separate from what’s within. Whatever you see, feel and experience out there is a direct reflection of what’s inside.Lifes reflection

How will you view your world with this awareness if you choose to accept what wisdom it imparts to you? How will you celebrate your life? How will you handle your challenges? How will you live your life?

The guy that pisses you off when he cuts in front of you as you travel down the road is YOUR creation!

The multi-millionaire that makes all the money that you can only dream about is YOUR creation!

World hunger, disease, politics, science, music, nature, language and art … are all YOUR creation! Your perception of the past and the future is all YOUR creation … your illusion.

How will you look at your world if you chose to accept what you have created? Will you fall in love with it? Will you embrace your life and everything and everyone in it? Will you see just how incredible and perfect you really are and how much love you possess because you are the Creator? All there really is, is love. You are love!

Or will you be bitter that as the Creator, your life lacks abundance, happiness and joy? Will you emotionally beat yourself up because you are perfect and yet you do not see it or feel it? Will you act as a victim to all of the injustices in this life because you do not recognize the power you have as the Creator?

And yet … it’s all so incredibly PERFECT! Your creation is so amazingly perfect in every way! Your experience is perfect in every way! You are living the life that you designed, you are experiencing EVERYTHING you came here for and in the end … at the end of it all … this lifetime … this experience, this illusion … YOU WIN!!!

YOU WIN because you are the C r e a t o r!

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