Recently, my beloved brother-in-law released his physical body to cancer. My Mother-in-law released her body to cancer about 4 years ago, my maternal mother had lung cancer that went into remission but has since passed due to other health problems and I’ve had several dear friends pass from cancer. Currently, I know of a few others who are walking the path of cancer.

I’ve come to respect the dreaded disease.

As my Brother-in-law walked the path of Liver Cancer, Spirit invited me to take another look at this life changing disease that threatens to take a physical life. As I wrote updates for my sister as her husband made strides, overcame hurdles and then towards the end, released his fear of death and let the disease works it course, Spirit invited me to see the gifts, teaching moments and life lessons learned from the disease. Rather than seeing cancer as a “Killer”, Spirit invited me to see cancer as the “Teacher”.  To say that it’s a transforming disease is a striking understatement.

Friends and family that are currently walking the path of cancer fearfully ask for prayers of healing as their requests come honestly, lovingly and trusting, while they navigate the unknown depths of a disease that really has no known cure. Who’s really in control when it comes to Cancer?

We have a mired of avenue’s that we can take on the road to healing, recovery and a cure, but which one works? And, why can one treatment work for one but not for another? What’s the missing link that allows one to receive the healing and one to release and let go of this physical life?

When my sister invited a couple of Elders of her husband’s church to come visit him as the cancer quickly progressed throughout his body, their assuring words comforted him that God does and will heal. Either his healing will be on this side or the other when he crosses over but ultimately, he will be healed.

This beckons a question that could ultimately alter our lives forever.

Do we need to be healed?

As humans, we put a label on everything in our lives. Everything has a name from our children who are born of our womb to the name of the document we fill out to file for a tax return. Our food has labels, our clothes have labels, our doctors have labels and our jobs have labels. We have names for our pets, we have names for the car we drive and we have names for the food we eat. We have names for places like, our living room and the state of Texas.

We’re either healthy or unhealthy, in shape or out of shape and wealthy or poor.

Things are sharp or dull, pretty or ugly, strong or weak and tall or short. Our lives are defined by labels and names.

What are all these things when we remove the names and the labels? What are they really?!

Labels are man-made … not God, Spirit, Divine or Creator made. They are all made-up names that man has concocted to put a label on something to give it a quality and a character but again I ask … what are all these things when we remove the names and labels?

Are they nothing … no-thing?

Feel that for a moment.

Can you feel that there is some truth in that statement? Without our labels and names, everything in life is really nothing without the label we put on it and the label is man-made. We take away the label and the meaning and we are left with what we would perceive as, nothing.

What if sickness is really nothing? What if it’s just a condition that we put a label on, adopted the qualities of the label, accepted them and took them in. Now, we have a name for it, we’ve accepted the qualities and characteristics of the label and now, it has become a part of us because we accept the label, the qualities and the characteristics that are associated with the name and label.

Yes, cancer is a powerful label that demands respect however, if you can grasp the label and the characteristics of this label, you will realize that as man … human, we are the ones who gave it that power because we gave it the label. When we adopt the label, now it belongs to us.

This is not to discredit those who have chosen to adopt the label. Perhaps they needed the label for a life lesson. Perhaps they chose the label because it offered an avenue in their lives that created a door to awakenings, insights and gifts. For those who have gone through cancer, if you ask them what good came out of it, they will have something to share with you. And for those who have chosen to adopt the labels, let me encourage you to release any labels you would give them for their choices because after all … it would just be a made-up label … right?

With that being said, we have the power to release the label; we have the power to drop the name, the qualities and the characteristics and see it for what it really is; no-thing!

I read an old book of my mom’s years ago called, “Who’s The Matter With Me!” The author invited her readers to begin calling sickness, symptoms and conditions a “Thing”. With this intention for “Things”, we can release ourselves from adopting any kind of characteristics, labels, names or titles of anything. With this intention, we release any and all power that any name or label can impart.

Perhaps this is really where healing can begin. If we can grasp this “Thing”, then in truth, none of us need healing from anything because it’s all just nothing. Labels removed, names removed, characteristics and qualities removed.

It’s just a “No-thing”.

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